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Xie You has been blessed by thousands of evil spirits since he was born...but the blessings and kindness of the evil spirits are not good things for humans. According to the contract back then, Xie You can only continue to pretend to be disabled. Under such circumstances, the five families are asked to fulfill the marriage contract. If one family fails to fulfill the marriage contract, Xie You will become truly blind.

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Celestial Master Chapter 8

Celestial Master Chapter 9

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Celestial Master Chapter 7 2 days ago

Celestial Master Chapter 6 2 days ago

Celestial Master Chapter 5 3 days ago

Celestial Master Chapter 4 4 days ago

Celestial Master Chapter 3 5 days ago

Celestial Master Chapter 2 6 days ago

Celestial Master Chapter 1 1 week ago

Celestial Master Chapter 0 1 week ago

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